The Indiana Association of School Nurses and the National Association of School Nurses are the only state and national organizations that serve Indiana school nurses and school nursing exclusively.  Membership in your state and national professional organization is important to help promote and improve the practice of school nursing in Indiana.

Membership in your professional organization gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other school nurses in Indiana. It also gives you a voice in issues that impact school nurses and the students we serve.

*New featured benefit: As a member of IASN/NASN, you are automatically enrolled in SchoolNurseNet, which connects you to every member in the state of Indiana and ensures you will get timely news about school nursing on topics such as legislation, funding opportunities, and practice issues.

Joining NASN means you automatically become a member of IASN, giving you the full benefits of both organizations.

Together we can represent a strong, united effort.

Together we can be recognized and heard.

We are now able to join or renew our membership in NASN/IASN online! 

NASN is now accepting online payment of dues with a major credit card.

IASN is encouraging all school nurses to visit the NASN website to join or renew your membership. Often, a principal’s budget or a PTA will cover a school nurse’s membership because of the free vision vouchers and other direct benefits to students.  Click Here to Join.

Benefits of Membership

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