Strategic Plan and Operating Guidelines

Operating Guidelines

Adopted July 2010
Updated May 2015

Printable version of the Operating Guidelines.

Strategic Plan

Adopted October 2004

GOAL 1: Provide a network of professional support for all school nurses in Indiana


1.1 Communicate updated monthly IASN membership
1.2 Develop a system to welcome new members to IASN
1.3 Develop a system to welcome new members to Areas
1.4 Develop a system for Area Representatives to know constituents
1.5 Develop a system for constituents to receive names of all members in their areas
1.6 Provide for efficient communication flow to board members and then to members
1.7 Provide support system for areas to hold regular meetings
1.8 Explore new avenues of communication for members. Publish IASN newsletter annually for all school nurses and include information about each Area.
1.9 Maintain e-mail list of IASN members which will be used to communicate information from IASN president.
1.10 Regularly update and maintain the IASN website
1.11 Maintain and update an IASN brochure

Goal 2: Promote the quality of school health services in Indiana


2.1 Monitor local, state, national, and international issues that relate to school nursing in Indiana
2.2 Encourage each area to submit an applicant for School Nurse of the Year and School Nurse Administer of the Year.
2.3 Maintain information on a grant system to encourage school nurses to attend conferences at the state, regional, and national levels.

Goal 3: Foster partnerships with all those who have an interest in school nursing.


3.1 IASN will develop standards and a system to present the KA Coffman Memorial Award yearly for an individual who promotes school nursing in Indiana
3.2 Each IASN Area Representative will have an area media contact and will encourage all area members to communicate about school nursing to the public
3.3 IASN members will be familiar with and encouraged to communicate with legislative representatives in their communities and in the state.
3.4 IASN members will be encouraged to utilize community partners in health related fields to collaborate in planning and providing educational programs and awards for area school nurses.
3.5 IASN Board of Directors will seek partnerships to develop research, scholarship, and educational offerings for school nurses in Indiana.
3.6 IASN members will be encouraged to utilize community partners in health related fields to collaborate in community projects. (e.g. a community nutrition and fitness committee).

Goal 4: Increase awareness of the relationship between student health and student success


4.1 Use NASN slogans and public relations campaign language to convey the importance of the school nurse role in facilitating learning and in the relationship between health and education.
4.2 Encourage members to communicate with parents, school staff and the public regarding the relationship between student health & success
4.3 Develop a simple data collection system to study the relationship between student health and educational success.
4.4 Promote school nurse involvement in health advisory committees/wellness committee/AIDS advisory committee/safety committee
4.5 Promote the Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) in Indiana schools
4.6 Participate in Nursing 2000 and other community activities which promote school nursing 4.7 Develop School Nurse Day statements and activity suggestions for Area Representatives to release to the media & others

Goal 5: Provide educational and research opportunities for school nurses.


5.1 Promote school nurse conference attendance by providing information through communication networks.
5.2 Provide info about scholarship opportunities
5.3 Collaborate with the Indiana Department of Education, the Indiana State Department of Health, and other groups to plan and participate in Indiana School Nurse conferences
5.4 Develop planning committee to evaluate area educational needs and offer educational programs around the state.

Goal 6: Advocate for legislation that promote school health and school nursing.


6.1 Develop a legislative committee
6.2 Notify Area Representatives about issues related to School Nursing
6.3 Support membership in communicating with legislators and provide information on the legislative process
6.4 Promote and support members in providing testimony regarding school nursing issues
6.5 Explore lobbying for issues of special interest to IASN